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Date Is time-span of
DATE MISSING Papal Schism of 1130-1138
DATE MISSING Raimon I is Viscount of Turenne
DATE MISSING Girard II is Bishop of Angoulême
DATE MISSING Death of Jean de Castel
-1294 Birth of Guelfo Taviani
1194 B.C.E. -1184 B.C.E. Trojan War
932 B.C.E.- 915 B.C.E. Råéabh‛am is king of Israel
21 April 753 B.C.E. Romulus founds Rome
~624 B.C.E. Birth of Thales of Miletus
621 B.C.E. Birth of Ezekiel
~620 B.C.E. Birth of Áisōpos
570 B.C.E. Birth of Pythagóras
569 B.C.E. Death of Ezekiel
564 B.C.E. Death of Áisōpos
548 B.C.E. - 545 B.C.E. Death of Thales of Miletus
496 B.C.E. Birth of Anaxagoras
489 B.C.E. Birth of Zénōn
470 B.C.E. Birth of Aspasía
460 B.C.E. Birth of Hippokrátēs
431 B.C.E. Death of Zénōn
430 B.C.E. Birth of Xenophôn
430 B.C.E. Birth of Xenophôn
~428 B.C.E. Death of Anaxagoras
413 B.C.E. Birth of Diogenes
412 B.C.E. Birth of Dioghénēs
400 B.C.E. Death of Aspasía
390 B.C.E. Belin and Brenne invade France and Italy (Via Francigena)
389 B.C.E. Birth of Aischínēs
375 B.C.E. ? Birth of Olympiás
371 B.C.E. Birth of Theóphrastos
370 B.C.E. Death of Hippokrátēs
393 B.C.E. - 370 B.C.E. Amyntas III is king of the ancient kingdom of Macedon
370 B.C.E. Death of Amyntas III
370 B.C.-357 B.C. Neoptólemos I is king of Epirus
356 B.C.E. Birth of Hephaistíon
355 B.C.E. Death of Xenophôn
355 B.C.E. Death of Xenophôn
360 b.c.-342 b.c. Nḫt-ḥr-ḥbjt is the Pharaoh of Egypt
340 B.C.E Birth of Lucio Papirio Cursore
357 B.C.-337 B.C. Olympiás is the Queen consort of the Ancient kingdom of Macedon
324 B.C.E. Death of Hephaistíon
334 B.C.E.- 324 B.C.E. Hephaistíon takes part to the Alexander the Great's campaign in Asia
323 B.C.E. Death of Diogenes
323 B.C.E. Death of Dioghénēs
316 B.C.E. Death of Olympiás
317 B.C.E.-316 B.C.E. Olympiás acts as regent for her nephew Alexander IV
314 B.C.E. Death of Aischínēs
309 b.C. Death of Lucio Papirio Cursore
5th century B.C.E. Death of Empedocles